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Exclusive, luxury fitness & wellness retreats in Andalucia, Spain

Bespoke individual personal fitness, wellness & professional development programmes


Supporting female leaders with work life integration, corporate success & personal fulfilment 

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We specialise in supporting career orientated women seeking a path to better integration between work, health and life.


Our retreat and programmes are designed for female leaders who are striving to combine career fulfilment & success, keeping healthy through exercise and eating well, with family life, fun, and relaxation.

I know from my personal experience that working a demanding job whilst focusing on personal health and well-being can be challenging at best; add into the mix children, ageing parents and potential physical changes such as the menopause and life can feel overwhelming.

Life Body Health’s mission is to help women navigate through their fitness & wellness journey and learn the necessary skills to support their ongoing personal and professional success.

Kick start your corporate or individual journey today by signing up for one of our luxury retreats in 2023.

Life Body Heath - Logo Line.png


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