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At Life Body Health we incorporate two key coaching assessments into both our retreats and 1-2-1 coaching sessions. 

  • The GC Index, a global cutting edge organimetric data tool that identifies where an individual or team will have most impact and contribution within an organisation.

  • The Life Body Health Wellness Wheel looks at more holistic wellbeing across 4 key areas of life. 



The GC Index - The worlds first Organimetric tool 

Unlike a psychometric, which reveals personalities and behaviours, the GC index measures ‘Energy for Impact’, and where an individual or team is most naturally inclined and motivated to make a business impact to the five key areas of a business cycle. It is designed for leaders of all levels. 

The purpose of an Organimetric is to help align and harness leaders, teams and organisations in a way that drives productivity and business results.

The GC Index provides the insight into how each individual and business entity in an organisation makes an impact relative to their ‘unique’ combination of The GC Index proclivity strengths: Strategist, Game Changer, Play Maker, Implementer, Polisher.


Through this tool, I can help organisations better understand where individuals and teams can be most effectively leveraged to drive enhanced business outcomes.

It will help:

  • Clarify where each individual is most energised to contribute, resulting in better business impact. 

  • Collaboration within a team by understanding each person's natural proclivities and how they can compliment one another. 

  • Retention & Well-being by ensuring that individuals spend more time doing work they love, or through developing their skills in areas where they are naturally motivated to contribute.

Life Body Health Wellness Wheel

The Wellness Compass is a tool designed to easily assess the key areas in your life that can positively or negatively impact your overall wellbeing. We focus on 4 key dimensions, each with sub-sections, that sit across Personal, Physical, Mental & Professional Wellbeing.

It will help you:

  • Consider all the aspects of life that contribute to fulfilment, happiness and overall wellbeing and assess which of these are most valued by yourself in order to feel a sense of complete wellbeing.

  • Identify which of these are not present currently in your life or are being under-invested in.

  • Recognise and clarify key areas of importance for your personal well-being so you can prioritise these and invest less time in other areas that are not serving you. 

I understand that there are only so many hours in the day and time is precious. By recognising areas that contribute to your personal happiness and well-being and areas that don't, you can more consciously allocate time to actions or activities that are most important..

You will likely find that different aspects will ebb and flow across the year. The key here is to identify and prioritise the most important and find practical, realistic solutions to regain that equilibrium. 

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