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As a professional coach, I bring relevant qualifications in HR, leadership assessments, wellbeing and behavioural change, understanding that my clients are rounded individuals with full lives, rather than simply 'business professionals.'.

I am trained in a number of coaching models and frameworks including GROW, Solution Focused Coaching and CLEAR.

I am passionate about working with professionals interested in building resilience, overcoming challenges and fostering personal growth so that they can achieve their life's goals, both professionally and personally.

My coaching style focuses on outcomes and results. As part of the coaching journey, my goal is to equip people with their own tools, techniques and strategies that can be easily embedded into daily life.


As a non-directive coach, I am here to champion you, positively challenge you when appropriate and encourage you to generate effective, realistic and creative solutions that enable you to successfully move forwards and achieve your goals. 


  • *For the assessments I can offer, both GC Index and Wellness Compass, please click HERE to learn more

  • *I use these to enhance the depth and clarity of the coaching experience and drive the best outcomes for the individual both professionally and personally.  

For more information on me, click Meet Georgina 





I offer a free 30 minute taster session before committing. This way we can both agree it makes sense to continue. 

I work with individuals across the following areas:

Who do I Coach?

  • High-achieving professionals looking to enhance performance

  • Leaders of the future; up and coming top talent

  • Newly promoted individuals 

  • Seasoned leaders who value growth & development

  • Entrepreneurs and new business owners

The Benefits of Coaching:

  • Personal Growth & Development

  • Transformational growth

  • Goal setting & accountability

  • Improved well-being & fulfillment

  • Confidence & self-esteem

  • Improved performance & results

Re-balancing / re-shaping your 360 degree life:

  • The Life Body Health Wellness Compass assesses lifestyle, personal well-being and professional health.
  • It will help you determine the areas of your life that require prioritisation now, in order to re-balance and re-set you for future success. 


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