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As a professional coach, I work with individuals who are smart, capable, and creative people. My belief is that the people I coach all have the ability to achieve whatever they set out to, whether that's professional or personal growth or transformation, career transition, entrepreneurship, or a life pivot or re-invention.

Over the course of the coaching journey together, people will learn how to tap into their natural energies and motivations to make meaningful impact for themselves, build confidence, clarify their wants and aspirations and design clear strategies on how to get there.  


My focus is to help leaders with transformational change that will positively impact both their professional and personal lives, through more deliberate action, enhanced fulfilment, wellbeing and self-awareness.

My years of experience working for corporate firms globally means not only do I understand the challenges and responsibilities of senior executives, but that I have a proven track record in supporting and coaching hundreds of professionals with career development, growth, transition, re-invention and all the expectations and challenges that come with these. 

I am passionate about working with professionals committed to personal growth and development and who are ready to take the next step to fulfil their dreams,  aspirations and overcome any challenges that may arise along the way.  

My role? To create an open, honest and non-judgemental space where you can gain focus on what's really important, what you really want and how to get there, 


  • *For the assessments I can offer, both GC Index and Wellness Compass, please click HERE to learn more

  • *I use these to enhance the depth and clarity of the coaching experience and drive the best outcomes for the individual both professionally and personally.  

For more information on me, click Meet Georgina 





I offer a free 30-45 minute taster session before committing. This way we can both agree it makes sense to continue. 

I work with individuals across the following areas:

Who do I Coach?

  • High-achieving professionals looking to enhance performance

  • Those seeking change transformation or at a life crossroad

  • Leaders of the future; up and coming top talent

  • Newly promoted individuals 

  • Seasoned leaders who value growth & development

  • Entrepreneurs and new business owners

The Benefits of Coaching:

  • Personal Growth & Development

  • Transformational growth

  • Goal setting & planning

  • Improved well-being & fulfilment

  • Confidence & self-esteem

  • Improved performance & results

Re-balancing / re-shaping your 360 degree life:

  • Holistic well-being incorporating professional, personal physical and mental refresh, support and development.


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